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what is rmkit even anyways?

After learning a great deal about what is necessary to make an app while building harmony, we decided that we would like to keep building apps for the remarkable and split out the core parts into their own framework.

that framework’s name? rmkit ;)

rmkit is just getting started but comes with many nice primitives for interacting with the remarkable tablet, including:

why rmkit?

most remarkable apps seem to be written using QT, but we consciously decided to explore what it would take to write an app from scratch: handling input, drawing directly to framebuffer, writing a widget system, etc.

the result is a high performance framework that has some rough edges but is capable of making simple apps.

getting started

for now, check out the rmkit repo to see example applications and test the waters by making your own. if you have questions, feedback or even want to pair while making an app, please reach out!


want new functionality? see some bugs? get in touch on github!