My new year’s project for 2022 was to add Kobo support to rmkit. I’m now glad to announce that it all works! If you have a kobo, you are able to use the KoboRoot.tgz on the build server to easily install remux and other applications.

See remux and other apps in action on the Libra H20

A reddit post was made, as well.

Supported platforms

Currently, the Libra H20 and Clara are supported, but if you have any requests, please get in touch and I’ll look into enabling more devices. Individual devices have to be enabled so as to not cause issues, so seriously: please get in touch!

What it took to get working

In order to get Kobo support working, a few things had to happen:

  1. support rotation in remux and other apps. remux automatically kills itself if the screen rotates and starts again
  2. embed the font into the actual binaries since Kobo fonts seem to work a bit weirdly
  3. support dynamic bpp for different applications, like KOReader
  4. update all applications to work with kobo dimensions
  5. add a KoboRoot.tgz step to the build system to make it easy to install packages


To install it, copy KoboRoot.tgz to KOBOReader/.kobo after mounting the device as USB storage, then eject the drive.

It will install remux + a few applications (but not simon tatham’s puzzles yet). After rebooting, you will be able to swipe up the side of the Kobo to bring up remux. To disable remux, edit KOBOReader/.adds/rmkit/ and remove the file “enable_remux”.