a site about remarkable app dev

One of the explicit goals of rmkit is to open up the remarkable ecosystem to more app development. One of our big bets is that people don’t want to write applications in a compiled language: if they can write their apps in lua, python, ruby or insert favorite language here, they can be more productive.

That’s why we developed simple app script - a UI spec for building UIs in dynamic languages. Simple applies the unix philosophy of pipes to building UIs.

The benefits of sas are straight forward: it eliminates compile times and lets you dev directly on the remarkable tablet itself

To learn more about simple, check out its webpage or look at its spec. nao package manager happens to be written in simple, if you want to get a sense of what the code for a simple application might look like.

simple is available now in the toltec repository. All you need to do is write an app that calls out to it.